Our team


CBT & DBT Therapist

Jo is a highly experienced CBT and DBT online psychological therapist with experience privately and as part of the Priory Group.

Jo specialises in treating anxiety, depression and personality disorders using evidence based treatments. Jo co-runs DBT group provision at Dr Jo Gee’s practice.


Therapy Services Manager

Juliet is the Psychology Manager to the clinic team, supporting the practitioners with triage, bookings and session planning.

The friendly face you often meet first when engaging with our service.

How big or small your question is, Juliet can answer it!


Psychological Therapist

Mercedes is a pluralistic psychological therapist in Guildford meaning that she utilises a range of modalities and training techniques which incorporate methods that are informed by research.

She aims to give you a space to be truly ‘who you are’, without judgement.


DBT Team Lead and Therapist

Emma is our Team Lead and a DBT therapist and psychological therapist in Guildford working with a range of clients, including postnatal issues, BPD, childhood trauma, anxiety and depression.

Emma co facilitates our group programmes as well as seeing clients from Willow Health in Guildford.


Psychological Practitioner

Rya is an experienced therapist offering individual and group intervention in CBT, CBT-E and DBT.

She works with clients to successfully help them to retain, regain and develop confidence in independent living.


Psychological Practitioner

Lucy is a psychodynamic therapist specialising in eating disorders, with over 5 years experience working with a wide variety of issues including mood disorders, addiction and personality disorders.

She is currently undertaking her BI DBT intensive training.


DBT practitioner

Julia is a DBT practitioner who offers 1:1 sessions, DBT assessments and co-facilitates adult DBT groups. She has experience working across various services including addiction, learning disabilities, and perinatal. She works with clients to help them develop confidence in themselves and their ability to live a fulfilled life.


She is currently undertaking her BI DBT intensive training.


CAMHS and adult therapist and DBT

Juliette is a psychotherapist with over 5 years of experience, working primarily with women and girls who have experienced trauma, OCD, depression and ADHD.

Juliette specialises in working with female survivors of sexual violence. Juliette has a sensitive and empathic approach and works with clients to enable them to feel empowered and resilient.

Juliette is BI DBT trained.


Louise works integratively, using the Clarkson model. She works first to create a strong working alliance, to create a space where the client feels safe and free from judgment, moving on to work in a way that the client finds reparative in the relationship. She has an interest in the transpersonal and Jungian concepts of collective unconscious and archetypes.



Kendra is a qualified Therapist from the University of Cape Town, and has spent a number of years working therapeutically with eating disorders, addiction and general psychiatry. She draws on Compassion Focused Therapy (CFT), Dialectical Behavioural Therapy (DBT), Enhanced Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT and CBT-E), Interpersonal Neurobiology and Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR).


Medical Secretary

Suzanne is the medical secretary for Dr Dunn and Dr Sawhney alongside supporting the team.



Dr Leffler is an experienced consultant psychiatrist and sees children and adolescents from 6 to 17 years old. Dr Leffler can provide a comprehensive assessment of your child’s mental health needs.



Dr Sawhney is a General Adult Psychiatrist who is also an NHS substantive Consultant and has been since 20008, having completed both her Basic and Higher Specialist Training via the Oxford Deanery. She has a special interest in psychological therapies, and has a Post Graduate Diploma in Cognitive Therapy from the Oxford University, and has worked in a specialist CBT clinic for about 7 years.

She worked in the acute care setting for 5 years before she moved in to Community Mental health, delivering high quality, evidence-based treatments alongside her team to support recovery for their patients. Dr Sawhney believes in providing a comprehensive assessment using a holistic and a biopsychosocial approach in helping patients recover from their illnesses, working with them and their families. Dr Sawhney has expertise in all areas of general adult psychiatry with particular interest in OCD, eating disorders, complex trauma or PTSD, mood disorders and personality disorders.


General Adult Psychiatrist

Dr Dunn is a General Adult Psychiatrist with experience of working in the Community. At the South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust he was college tutor for 5 years and for 5 years Regional advisor for South East London to the Royal College of Psychiatrists. He lectured at Guy’s in Occupational Psychiatry in the Diploma of Organisational Psychology and Psychiatry.



CBT and DBT Therapist

Claire has extensive experience working with both adults and Young people.

She is an accredited CBT and DBT therapist. Claire is currently offering one to one sessions using evidence based interventions.

Her areas of interest include, attachment issues, depression, trauma, ADHD for which she uses DBT and CBT interventions.


DBT Therapist

Lizzie has worked with a variety of DBT teams over the last ten years and is intensively dual trained by BIDBT and an NHS service.

Lizzie has an extensive history of working alongside people struggling with substance use and acute mental health difficulties, who have experienced multiple traumas.