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CBT Therapy Surrey

Dr Jo Gee Psychotherapy: Leading CBT Therapy in Surrey

Experience Compassionate, Professional Care

At Dr Jo Gee Psychotherapy, we understand the journey towards mental wellness and the courage it takes to start. Located in the serene settings of Surrey, we are committed to providing top-notch counselling and psychotherapy services. Our clinic, nestled in the heart of Godalming and Guildford, offers a safe, welcoming environment where your mental health is our priority.


Why Choose Dr Jo Gee Psychotherapy for Your Journey?

  • Tailored CBT Therapy: We specialise in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), a talking therapy that effectively addresses a wide spectrum of mental health issues. Our approach is bespoke, acknowledging the unique nature of your experiences and challenges.
  • A Team of Experts: Led by Dr Jo Gee, our team comprises skilled therapists who are not just practitioners but advocates of mental wellness. Their expertise in counselling and psychotherapy ensures you receive care that is both empathetic and evidence-based.
  • Accessibility and Convenience: Ideally located for residents in and around Godalming and Guildford, our clinic is a sanctuary for anyone seeking CBT in Surrey.


Our Holistic Approach to Mental Wellness

Our services go beyond traditional talking therapies. We believe in holistic treatment, combining the principles of cognitive behavioural therapy CBT with other therapeutic modalities to offer a comprehensive solution to problems including anxiety, depression, stress management, relationship issues, and more.

Understanding CBT

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) is more than just a therapy; it’s a pathway to understanding and managing your thoughts and feelings. It empowers you to change negative thought patterns and behaviours, leading to a more fulfilling life. At Dr Jo Gee Psychotherapy, we don’t just offer cognitive behavioural therapy; we customise it to fit your unique needs.

The Power of Talking Therapies

Talking therapies, an integral part of our practice, provide a platform to voice out your innermost thoughts and feelings. In these sessions, our therapists guide you through a journey of self-discovery and healing, helping you untangle the complexities of your emotions.


Specialised Services for Diverse Needs

We cater to a diverse range of issues, ensuring that whatever you are going through, you find a supportive and understanding environment. Our services include:

  • Individual Therapy: One-on-one sessions focusing on personal growth and problem-solving.
  • Couples Therapy: Addressing relationship dynamics and improving communication.
  • Group Therapy: Offering support and perspective through shared experiences.


Short Term Therapy, Long Term Benefits

Our emphasis on short-term therapy plans doesn’t mean we compromise on quality or depth. We strive to make every session impactful, equipping you with long-term strategies for mental health and well-being.


A Community Committed to Mental Health

We believe in building a community that supports mental wellness. Through workshops, seminars, and community events, we aim to foster a greater understanding of mental health in Surrey and beyond.


Embracing Technology in Therapy

In our commitment to accessible care, we offer online therapy sessions, allowing you to connect with our therapists from the comfort of your home. This service is particularly beneficial for those who find it challenging to visit our clinic in person.


Your First Step Towards Change

Reaching out for help is a sign of strength. If you’re considering CBT in Surrey or exploring other forms of talking therapies, Dr Jo Gee Psychotherapy is here to support you. Our doors are open to everyone seeking a path to better mental health.


Let’s Begin Your Journey Today

Connect with us through our easy-to-use contact form or give us a call. Your mental wellness journey is unique, and we are here to guide you every step of the way. At Dr Jo Gee Psychotherapy, your healing, growth, and empowerment are our greatest rewards.

Contact Dr Jo Gee Psychotherapy Today!

Embark on a transformative journey with expert CBT therapy in Surrey. Reach out now and take the first step towards a healthier, happier you.


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“From start to finish, it taught me so much about myself.”


“Thank you for challenging me when I needed it.”


“I can’t believe how much progress I’ve made in a short time.”


“After many years of therapy, you are the first person who gets me.”



Ready to book your appointment? Please press the button below to see our online availability. Can’t see what you need, then don’t hesitate to send a message via the contact form below or call or email our offices.

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Whatever your current struggle, we’re here to help.

We offer online psychiatry, psychology, counselling and psychotherapy appointments. Contact us for a free 15-minute phone discussion to ask any questions you might have.

Online Sessions

Many of our appointments can be conducted online if that’s preferable or easier for you.

Face-to-Face Sessions

For clinic appointments, we work from 3 Saxton Parklands, Guildford, Surrey, GU2 9JX.

Clients visit us from several nearby locations, including Addlestone, Aldershot, Ashford, Bisley, Camberley, Chertsey, Chobham, Cobham, Cranleigh, Dorking, Egham, Epsom, Esher, Farnham, Farnborough, Fleet, Godalming, Guildford, Haslemere, Horley, Horsham, Kingston, Leatherhead, Lightwater, Oxshot, Redhill, Reigate, Richmond, Send, Shere, Staines-upon-Thames, Sunbury-on-Thames, Surbiton, Virginia Water, Walton-on-Thames, West End, Weybridge, Windlesham and Woking.

Message or call us now to book an initial consultation.



    3 Saxton Parklands


    GU2 9JX



    3 Beaufort Parklands


    GU2 9JX


    Monday – Friday: 9.00am – 9.00pm

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